Tackling waste with installations that operate properly

Van Lente can advise you on how to save on energy costs. Every employee has the right to a healthy workspace, and a healthy indoor climate and good lighting play an important role in this. Our specialists can achieve maximum efficiency from existing and new climate control systems and lighting systems. As installations are becoming increasingly complex, Van Lente can help monitor your systems 24/7 and actively scan for possible malfunctions through intelligent automation.

Saving energy and contributing to a healthier climate

Badly calibrated installations cost a lot of money, and waste can be easily prevented by making smart adjustments. We monitor installations, provide insight into waste or poor functioning, and arrange HVAC installations as sustainable as possible. This is possible for both the generation (such as residual heat and heat pumps) and release by the installation. We anticipate the actual energy utilisation with the use of adaptive control. The result are significant energy cost savings and a healthier indoor climate.

Lighting cost savings

One of the main sources of energy consumption in offices is lighting. This is why Van Lente uses LED fittings and drivers with modern control management such as DALI. Intelligent sensors can be used to accurately adapt the required light levels to the situation. Daylight is used where possible, so that energy savings can be achieved. Proper and adequate lighting ensures that we feel better during the day and sleep better at night. Smart automation and integration through KNX, for example, adds to ease of use.

Power Quality Scan – the first step towards a better energy quality

Machinery and equipment connected to the electricity grid often cause mains interference, voltage variations, increased wear and tear to machinery and equipment and other undesired effects. This interference results in higher electricity usage and reduced capacity of the electricity grid.

A Power Quality Scan measures and analyses the mains interference within an installation. After systematic analysis of the data, the cause can be determined, and suitable measures taken. This type of interference can occur due to problems in the installation or equipment, while sometimes there is an issue with the grid operator.

Energy consumption measurements

An energy consumption measurement maps the load of an energy transformer or installation sections. Using clear and concise visual reports, decisions can be made that improve distribution. The measurement also provides insight into the loads and remaining capacity available, which could result in a more favourable tariff from the grid operator.

Measuring is done using a net analyser, during a pre-agreed time that is representative of usual demand.

Van Lente and sustainability

Van Lente makes an important contribution to increased sustainability of climate control systems and lighting installations, and the preservation of raw materials. We will always lean towards energy-efficient options wherever possible. We also improve the energy performance of existing installations.