Installation support and fault repair service

Installations are becoming increasingly complex, and intelligent automation allows you to retain insight into the functioning of your installation. You will receive information about faults, for example. The specialists at Van Lente can help you monitor your installation and actively scan for possible malfunctions.

Thanks to our clear reports, you always have all the relevant, up-to-date facts and figures to hand.

Education and training

Thorough training contributes to further improvement of your business processes. Providing the installation’s operators with proper training optimises the use and value of the installation.

Van Lente fault repair service (24/7)

Our Service Technicians are at your disposal to resolve malfunctions and software issues. If you have a service contract with us, you are guaranteed support from one of our specialists in case of malfunctions to electrical systems and control installations. The service contract includes 24/7 availability. If you have a fault right now, please call 0570 – 548 348.