Neuteboom Coffeeroasters


With its significant production capacity, Neuteboom is a serious coffee roaster, active in almost all of Europe. Neuteboom is able to produce large volumes of one product, but also smaller quantities per clients’ orders. As they say: ‘We know very well that small things can become large things.’ This means that faults can be a stumbling block for production.


In order to safeguard the continuity of the production process at Neuteboom, the internal transport controls had to be replaced. These controls were completed by Van Lente. In the past, Van Lente had already been commissioned by Neuteboom to make software and hardware adaptations for the two fire alarm systems. As a result of faults that were causing stops, Van Lente adapted the internal transport. Now, coffee can be roasted in a more efficient and sustainable manner. As system preparations were initiated, expansions will be easily implemented in future. This also means that the connection to other systems can be implemented with less far-reaching financial consequences.


Van Lente came out on top during the tender phase. As Neuteboom says: ‘Party due to Van Lente being engaged in our thought processes and therefore taking account of the changes in our market.’


Van Lente worked on a process schedule with the objective of commissioning the improved internal transport. The entire project took about four months and the production process was only on stop for five days, as per the planning.