Habion develops and manages a diverse range of residential accommodation for seniors, in close cooperation with local parties. This includes residential care centres (care homes and nursing homes), sheltered housing, residential care complexes, life-cycle appropriate rental apartments and owner-occupier apartments and (neighbourhood) provisions such as service centres, medical practices and neighbourhood service points. Habion realises accommodation that aligns with the needs of current and future residents and contributes to local demand. Comfortable living and enjoyment are key.


Van Lente Systeemintegratie is the main contractor for the work involved in the renovation of De Benring care home. In consultation with the neighbours and residents, the experiment ‘Old people’s home a second youth’ has been set up, whereby the traditional old people’s home is transformed into a building where the elderly can live independently.


De Benring, a beautiful link between young and old, and sustainable as a traditional old people’s home, was given a second youth through its transformation into a residential building for tenants. As the main contractor, Van Lente has played an important role in this.


De Benring now houses 74 apartments. Some of the homes have been extended, so that couples can also rent beautiful, safe and affordable apartments.