Foreco Dalfsen


Foreco is a family business that has been active as an innovative and professional player in the wood sector since 1983. Located in Dalfsen, they develop, produce and trade wood products for the commercial and retail markets. For instance, Foreco finishes its plantation pine to such an extent that the internal structure of the wood is altered. This means the wood can withstand biological deterioration, giving it class 1 durability. As a result, it is the perfect alternative to tropical hardwood.


Foreco’s aim was flexibility and variation in the production process. The bigger technical challenge here was the potential for unmanned functioning of the installation. For this, Van Lente built a coupler with the Siemens PCS7 package.


Van Lente’s knowledge and experience of production environments made optimisation of the production process possible.


Van Lente introduced new software and hardware, and completed installation work and panel building for the new impregnation installation.