De Dessert Meesters


De Dessert Meesters are masters in producing delicious ice cream. In March 2016, a devastating fire reduced the newly commissioned and modernised production hall in Hengelo to ashes. A little over two months later, ice cream was once again being produced at full capacity at a new location in Oldenzaal. De Dessert Meesters succeeded, together with suppliers such as Van Lente!


In consultation with all parties, the construction was divided into two phases. During the first phase, the first ice cream mixing set for production would be built, among other things. This resulted in 36 different disciplines working day and night. Van Lente took responsibility for the work related to installation, software, engineering and panel building.


By taking a little more time at the start to focus on preparation and the functional design, we achieved a quality product and service provision resulted in considerable time savings. De Dessert Meesters on Van Lente: ‘It’s important that suppliers not only deliver high-quality work and materials, but are also a partner. This means they anticipate your needs, make exceptions for you, and go the extra mile. Van Lente is a great example of such a partner.’


Setting up a production facility in a short space of time, making the lost capacity available once more.