CAV Den Ham


CAV in Den Ham, owned by the joint farmer members, is an independent producer of compound feed with a modern factory. CAV Den Ham and these members together strive for optimisation of results.


CAV was working with very outdated PLCs that were no longer being supported by the supplier. The issue with replacement is that it’s quite impossible to stop our production process. CAV’s customers cannot manage without animal feed. Van Lente Systeemintegratie looked after the entire production process engineering, as well as the replacement of all software.


The entire automation project at CAV Den Ham animal feed factory has resulted in increased quality and production speed. In addition, CAV Den Ham now has a much better insight into its business processes.


Van Lente looked after complete engineering and replaced a large number of panels. Thanks to the engineering, the remaining panels are once again up to date. The associated installation work was prepared carefully by Van Lente between the conversion periods, so that it could be switched to the new controls quickly during the conversion periods.