Bel Leerdammer


Bel Leerdammer is an important producer of tasty Leerdammer cheeses. Leerdammer is a leading cheese brand and in order to stay at the top, skilled professionalism is required to keep complying with ever increasing quality requirements and legislation. The no-nonsense approach by Van Lente Systeemintegratie as the ‘main installer’ suits the corporate culture at Leerdammer Dalfsen. An excellent starting point for a long-lasting relationship.


The milk from regional farmers is thermised in a tank. After, the cream is separated and the whey and cheese particles remain. Before the cheese is ready for the shops, several processes are required, with the Bel Leerdammer laboratory constantly safeguarding quality.

During the expansion of the production capacity by 30%, Van Lente played an important role by supplying various electrotechnical provisions. For instance, we replaced the main switchboards and adapted the S5 installation of the cheese treatment line.


There were only three production stops in the factory during this process. The downtime was put to good use by completing other adaptations too. The entire conversion was completed with full satisfaction. Thanks to Van Lente’s joined-up thinking, a few control panels were also replaced and a plan for new office lighting is ready.


Leerdammer constantly uses professionals from Van Lente. According to Bel Leerdammer, our employees are flexible allrounders with a wide range of deployable skills. This means the in-house technical personnel can concentrate on the production process.