Aviko LEAF


LEAF is the acronym for Low Energy and Fat, an innovative production facility by Aviko. Aviko discovered that the production process for chipped potato products still allowed for great savings on energy and fat by way of alternative production techniques. The aim of this innovation is to create a production facility that eliminates these inefficiencies. More sustainable production has a twofold effect: healthier end products and a better yield.


Van Lente Systeemintegratie made a large contribution to the achievement of innovative and sustainable production technology for frying and cooling processes. Smart energy meters type Sentron PAC 3200 and 4200 were connected along the entire line. This allowed for insight into which user is consuming energy and when.


The solution designed by Van Lente enables perfect alignment of hardware and software. By combining this solution with Van Lente’s technical process knowledge of of the potato processing industry, Aviko could achieve maximum energy savings and process control.


Van Lente Systeemintegratie is responsible for the entire automation, the electrotechnical installation and the instrumentation of an innovative potato processing line.