People and technology together determine the quality of food processing, and sometimes it requires people who ask practical questions about the technology in place. This was the case at Aviko. Van Lente is always keen to join thought processes in order to arrive at a sustainable solution. An important point of note is the ladder tracks with cabling for the operation of the production lines. In this case, the cable ties that keep the cables in place pose a risk to optimum hygiene.


Aviko has decided to take the next available opportunity to start using the latest developments in hygienic cabling. Van Lente handled fitting of the Streamline HD cable guides on location. This system made the 500,000 cable ties at €0.70 each redundant.


As well as savings on time and cost, Aviko was particularly interested in minimising hygiene risks in the production environment. Van Lente played an important role in this.


Cost savings achieved on the use of cable ties and risks of hygiene safety reduced to zero.