Measurement and control technology and building automation

Van Lente has a team of 25 specialists in measurement and control technology and building automation. We can help you with all services related to climate control systems and automation of technical installations in buildings. We distinguish ourselves through years of experience and specific knowledge. Van Lente can offer guaranteed added value for your projects.

Core activities

Newbuild, renovation, optimisation, maintenance, monitoring and management are our core activities. We have in-house engineering, cabling, assembly, panel building, design drawing, software engineering, implementation and maintenance. In other words: comprehensive service. We use the most up-to-date equipment and applications for our solutions, while knowledge of old(er) systems actually comes in useful in case of renovation and optimisation.

Van Lente is partnered with Priva, Webeasy, Loytec, KNX and Simaxx.









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