Management and maintenance of climate control systems

The specialists at Van Lente feel strongly that installations should function the way they were intended to. Thanks to our years of experience with maintaining building management systems and installations, we can extend the service life of your systems. We also prevent energy waste by optimising the installation’s settings for actual usage. The prevention of waste is the simplest energy reduction method.

Installation and monitoring

Van Lente uses specially designed systems to intelligently monitor the installation. Users are given insight into the functioning of their climate control systems via a web application (Simaxx or BI-Metrics). Any issues can easily be detected via a concise dashboard. You have 24/7 online access to the building file and can easily generate reports, such as the mandatory report on TES functioning.

The monitoring system also allows a clear and orderly image of the energy reduction of sustainable or PV systems. These images can be used for an energy reflection or website.

Technical Service support

Are you looking for temporary or long-term support for your technical service department? Van Lente has been providing competent personnel for technical service departments in leading companies and organisations for many years. This means we have an expert, flexible maintenance team, and we are keen to speak with you and decide how best to address your requirements.

To us, it is always important that the right man or woman for the job is placed at the right location, be it a process or building installation, electrotechnical, (light) mechanical engineering or control technical activities. Our long-term business relationships with many of our clients shows that we are good at what we do.