Industrial electrotechnical installations

Our industrial specialists at Van Lente develop complete electrotechnical installations and advanced process control systems in a wide range of different environments. Our work instantly stands out in practice thanks to our efficient, sleek, well-organised and hygienically installed cable routes that comply with the latest standards.

Our control and automation systems are designed to minimise error rates, shorten lead times, eliminate loss, boost productivity, increase process visibility and maximise flexibility.

Integrated, flawless cooperation between systems

In industrial applications, electrical engineering forms the foundation of efficient installations and systems and contribute to productivity, durability, safety and mobility. This does, however, require integrated, flawless cooperation between different systems and components.

We are at our best when we are involved in projects at an early stage, so that we can guarantee the best possible translation from engineering to installation together. With a well thought-out, carefully planned approach, we will able to take care of all electrotechnical activities without affecting your production process or productivity.

Hygienic and professional stainless steel welding

Thanks to years of experience in the food industry, Van Lente’s specialists are closely acquainted with HACCP, GMP and EHEDG hygiene rules and know exactly how to comply with them. On top of that, our specialists boast up-to-date knowledge of rules and regulations sucha s ATEX, CE and SIL. Hygienic, professional stainless steel welding is often an important requirement, and welding stainless steel pipes in accordance with the strict hygiene requirements that apply in the food industry requires great discipline. Using the correct welding method, however, can generate a certain degree of hygiene certainty.