Production site management (PMS)

To really know what is going on at your production site, you need Production Site Management. This Plant Assist© tool will put real-time data within your grasp for immediate insight into and therefore control over your production location at any time of the day – from machine statuses and energy consumption, to malfunctions, user logs and order trails.

Production Site Management is a real-time system for monitoring production, energy management, reporting and planning that is linked directly to machines, PLCs, sensors, process control systems, RTU Flow computers or SCADA systems.

“Without data, you’re just another face in the crowd with an opinion!”

Blind spots and energy consumption

There is nothing worse than Blind Spots: unreliable or unusable data. You need data to keep your production process running smoothly, efficiently and competitively. Quality and cost control is becoming an increasingly complex challenge due to ever-greater demands for flexible production, but easily mastered with Production Site Management (PMS).

Industry also faces the challenge of reducing its energy consumption and carbon emissions to stay competitive and comply with environmental legislation and targets. Production Site Management allows for better scheduling so as to reduce changeover times, eliminate downtime and waste and cut back on energy consumption.

Advantages of Production Site Management:

  • A single summary of your process, recipes, energy consumption, etc.
  • Maximum productivity;
  • Real-time machine status;
  • Details on certain tasks that are not important in the factory;
  • Live data can be accessed anywhere, at the production site, at the office or at home.