Plant Assist

With Plant Assist©, Van Lente Systeemintegratie offers turnkey tooling for production process optimisation. Plant Assist© is the platform we use to visualise data about your factory, production line or machine.

The platform helps to detect production bottlenecks, identify quality losses and track raw materials and (semi-) finished products. These insights can then serve as the foundation for process improvement.

Flexible and scalable platform with 5 modules

We unlock data obtained from your process installations and link it to various layers in your organisation, making connections to control systems in the field, higher-order systems and other components. These links are used to provide different insights and generate data. The possibilities are virtually infinite, leaving you with a solution that will lead to almost instant results.

Plant Assist© is a flexible, scalable platforms with 5 ISA-95 and ISA-88 compliant modules. All it takes to optimise your production process are these easy, modular steps:

1. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

OEE is one of the most practical tools for process improvement, providing insight into how your machines or production lines are performing. It analyses bottlenecks, discrepancies, losses, quality and production speed. Continue reading

2. Tracking and Tracing

The advantage of a good Tracking and Tracing system is the precise insight into which raw materials have been incorporated into a product and which operations have been carried out. Tracking and Tracing may be required by law, but it can also be a wish of your end users and customers. Continue reading

3. MES/ERP integration

It is time to replace paper order flows with an integrated MES/ERP integration, so that manually tracking production orders can become a thing of the past. By creating an integrated link between your production process and your MES or ERP layer, you will always be up to date and production orders, planning data and tracking and tracing data will be exchanged in real time, resulting in quality improvements and greater efficiency. Continue reading

4. Production Site Management

This tool will put real-time data within your grasp for immediate insight into and therefore control over your production location at any time of the day – from machine statuses and energy consumption to malfunctions, user logs and order summaries. There is nothing worse than Blind Spots: unreliable or unusable data. With real-time, direct links to your machines, PLCs, sensors and process control systems, you will always know exactly what’s going on. Continue reading

5. Maintenance management

Scheduling machine management, forecasting and preventing downtime has never been easier. Maintenance Management is an automated maintenance system that helps achieve optimum production resource availability. Maintenance Management structures your maintenance process and provides the insights you need for continued optimisation. Continue reading