MES / ERP Integration

Integrating your production to MES or ERP has numerous advantages. To start with, it replaces a costly, error-prone paper flow, making the manual tracking of paper production orders a thing of the past. By creating integrated links between your assembly and production process and your MES or ERP layer, you will no longer have to rely on Excel for product registration.

A lack of time is the most cited reason for refraining from analysing malfunctions and downtime, but this means that the same causes can continue to wreak havoc for years. Manual registration and reporting is time-consuming and error-prone: it is high time to replace your paper order flows with an integrated ERP/MES link.

Real-time data exchange

Real-time exchange of production orders, planning data and tracking and tracing data. Stay up to date at all times. Adopting a paperless approach also reduces dependency on manual operations, leading to an increase in quality and efficiency.

Our engineers will set up an MES ERP integration, leaving you with a highly structured process that complies with ISA-95 and ISA-88 standards. We will link your ERP, MES or Shopfloor Control system to your production environment.

Advantages of MES / ERP integration

  • Implementation with existing systems (flexible)
  • Boosts quality and efficiency.
  • Greater process visibility
  • Always up to date
  • Fewer manual operations
  • Less error-prone
  • Closed system, tamper-proof