Maintenance management

Every production process contains a wealth of often unused data, but with machines, sensors and systems such as SCADA, MES, OEE, and Tracking and Tracing, you can monitor your assets’ every move. By extracting the flow of data generated by these machines and systems, you will suddenly have valuable management information at your disposal to predict when a given machine will need to be serviced or learn how often a machine malfunctions and when an intervention is needed.

Maintenance Management is an automated maintenance system that helps achieve optimum production resource availability. Maintenance Management structures your maintenance process and provides the insights you need for continued optimisation. It also helps to prevent unplanned downtime and losses, reduce costs and avoid unnecessary risks.

Advantages of Maintenance Management:

  • Prevents downtime;
  • Higher production resource availability;
  • Improved planning;
  • Machine status: under maintenance, scheduled, commissioning;
  • Forecast maintenance intervals, downtime and interventions;
  • Module can be tailored to your information needs.