Advice, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems

As many as half of companies affected by fire go bankrupt, which makes the prospect of a fire breaking out on your premises unthinkable. Everything you built up and worked hard on could be gone in a flash.

Van Lente is always available to discuss options for eliminating this concern. By thinking along with you, we can find the right approach and take action together. We can also ensure proper fire detection systems are in place, and prepare your employees for this eventuality so they can act effectively if required. This helps prevent accidents or damage in case of fire.

Advice on fire alarm systems

 There’s a lot of uncertainty about fire detection and alarms. Frequently asked questions include:

  • Should I have a fire alarm system?
  • Which solution is best?
  • Does my current fire alarm system comply with the latest laws and regulations?

As we are in the know about the latest legislation and regulations, Van Lente is equipped to answer any questions you have. We’ll always give you the right advice to make sure your installation complies with current requirements.

Accredited fire detection company

Van Lente’s experience in the installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems (FAS) spans dozens of years. We have been an accredited fire alarm detection company since 1 January 2016. We work with the CCV FAS Provision certification scheme.

The competent specialists at Van Lente can advise you on:

  • Advice (before implementation)
  • Preparing specifications for several suppliers
  • Preparing a Programme of Requirements
  • Preparing and finalising projection drawings
  • Monthly, four-monthly or eight-monthly maintenance
  • Management tasks
  • (Annual) maintenance
  • Certification of installation
  • 24/7 service
  • Training

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